Olive Oil tasting in Old Town, Marbella


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Essential, surprising and fun at the same time. If you fancy venturing into the culture and discovering  the benefits  of  our  most emblematic product, you cannot miss out on this workshop!

Would you like to learn how to differentiate between Virgin Oil and Extra Virgin Oil? Could you  distinguish  an Arbequina Oil from a Picual? Why are some of them piquant and others aren’t? Should we cook with Extra Virgin Oil? What are unfiltered oils, or first cold-pressed oils – myth or reality?  Would you  be able to tell  an  excellent oil  from  a  lower  quality or defective one?

These and many other questions will be answered in our introductory workshop on tasting Extra  Virgin   Olive Oil, an essential   course to  get you started in this wonderful world of sensations and Mediterranean Cultural Heritage.

For the whole family: A fun workshop to be enjoyed with even the youngest members of the family.

This activity includes: The tasting  of  6  different Premium Virgin Olive Oils from different parts of our country, as a professional tasting panel would, to finally try all of them with freshly baked bread.


Duration: 60 minutes approx.

Capacity: From 4 to a maximum of 20 people.

Languages: Spanish – English – French

Location: Marbella’s Old Town.

Price: 25€ per person or 100€ for a group under 4.


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