Local wine tasting with Spanish ham and cheese in Old Town, Marbella


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Discover 4 of our province’s wines, which we will pair to perfection with selected hams and cheeses.

Which wine is the best accompaniment to cheese – red or white? It seems that the tradition of drinking red wine with cheese originated in France, when the wines that were produced and consumed early last century were charactarised mainly for being young, with a short vinification process and low in tannins. Since then, wines have evolved a lot and we should forget old habits.


If you are a cheese, ham and wine lover and you would like to discover 4 Andalusian wines, surprisingly paired with selected hams and cheeses, this is an activity that you will enjoy, and it will certainly open new horizons for you.


For the whole family: 18 years or over, the legal drinking age in Spain.

This activity includes: Tasting of 4 Andalusian wines and paired tasting of  different Spanish cheeses and hams.

Duration: 90 min. approx.

Capacity: From 4 to a maximum of 20 people.

Languages: Spanish – English – French

Location: Marbella’s Old Town.

Price: 50€ per person or 200€ for a group under 4.


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